13 + 13 Fav Flicks of 2017: 두 번째 부분

The Transfiguration


And My Fav Flicks of 2017 List in Alphabetical Order Continues with:  두 번째 부분.


The R-rated Wolverine that all of us Comic Geeks have all been waiting for. Finally we get to see Logan go into Berserker Rage Mode, and boy it is a Fuckin’ Doozy. A Neo-Western in the Guise of a Comic Book Flick.

The Lure

A Musical Horror Comedy about two mermaid sisters who fall for the same guy and join a band as stripping back-up singers. What’s not to love about this crazy little Flick ; )

Marjorie Prime

A contemplative and thought provoking Film. Meditating on a life filled with memories and the nature of remembering through the ones who have passed on.


A Totally Divisive Bat Shit Crazy Mind Fuck of a Flick! That is all ; )

Phantom Thread

What a lovely odd Drama with a wickedly dry sense of humor. Quite possibly Daniel Day Lewis’ final film, as he has once again threatened retirement. Need I Say More?


A Dark Horror Comedy with an odd mixture of Pathos and Bloody Vengeance. Alice Lowe’s Directorial debut is twisted little gem.

A Quiet Passion

‘A Quiet Passion’ is a subtlety funny, somber transcendent Film, with a finely measured performance from Cynthia Nixon and a strong supporting cast. This is one hell of a moving Biopic about the life of the American Poet, Emily Dickinson.


A Vegetarian turns to Cannibalism after a hazing initiation at a Veterinary School in France. Metaphors abound in this Coming of Age French Art/Horror Flick, and it is Oh So ‘Bloody’ Fuckin’ Good.

The Shape of Water

Guillermo del Toro Loves Movies, Movie Making and Movie Monsters. And it shows in the ‘Shape of Water’. It’s my 3rd Favorite Guillermo del Toro Flick and the Best of his English speaking Films. I’ll leave with this quote:

‪”Since childhood, I’ve been faithful to monsters. I’ve been saved and absolved by them. Because Monsters, I believe, are patron saints of our blissful imperfections.”- Guillermo del Toro‬

The Square

A Swedish Absurdist Satirical Drama that pokes fun at the Art World, Upper Class Smugness, Sexism, Snobbery,and  Racism among many other things. It’s a Cinema of Discomfort, and as with ‘Force Majeure’, Writer /Director Ruben Östlund’s last outing, we see that he can make one hell of an Uncomfortably Funny Movie.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

I am a big fan of Martin McDonagh and all of his films, but Three Billboards just might be my favorite. A Darkly Humorous Drama, with crisp dialogue and fantastic performances from the entire cast.

The Transfiguration

A Slow Burn Horror Drama about a 14 year old Loner in Queens, New York who is obsessed with Vampire lore, and believes that he might be one. Stands along side the other Cult Flicks like ‘Martin’ (1977), ‘Vampire’s Kiss’ (1988), and ‘Habit’ (1995), all utilizing a unique take on the Vampire Genre, of “Are they a Vampire or not?”.

The Villainess

It’s the Mutha Fuckin’ Best Bloody Kick-Ass Action Flick of 2017. With one of the best, if not the best and craziest motorcycle chase/fight sequence I have ever seen. I have been Highly Recommending this Flick since I first watched it last year. So Go Check It Out, Why Don’t Ya!

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