13 + 13 Fav Flicks of 2017: Parte Uno


2017, in my not so humble opinion, was a very good year for movies. Seek and ye shall find has always been my motto, when it comes to Cinema Going. I enjoy a wide variety of Films, but tend to gravitate more to Genre Flicks, and Horror being my Favorite Genre. This is Parte Uno of my 26 or so Favorite Flicks of 2017 in Alphabetical Order. Hope You Enjoy Them Kiddos ; )


Aubrey Plaza Double Feature:  ‘Ingrid Goes West’ & ‘The Little Hours’

Full Disclosure here, I Am in Love With Aubrey Plaza. I find her acerbic delivery and dry sense of humor so fuckin’ funny. She had a great and prolific year in 2017. She starred in two excellent Flicks along with a crazy good turn as Lenny Busker, in one of the most Surreal Mind Blowing TV Shows of last year, ‘Legion’. What’s better than two Aubrey Plaza Flicks for the Price of One? ‘Ingrid’ is about the obsessive ‘Like Me, Like Me’ climate that Social Media has created, and this Flick takes that concept to the extreme. And, ‘Little Hours’, is Loosely based on the book ‘The Decameron’ written by Giovanni Boccaccio. Now Go Forth and Enjoy Yourself Some Plaza.


Ingrid Goes West

The Little Hours


Blade Runner 2049

My Favorite Film of All-Time is ‘Blade Runner’, and when I first heard about this Sequel, I was none too happy with the idea. But as the Film was developing and each new participant announced, ie., Director, Denis Villeneuve, Cinematographer, Roger Deakins, Writer, Hampton Fancher and Star, Ryan Gosling, I decided that it would give it a go. I thought it was a beautiful companion piece to the original and one of my Fav Flicks of the Year.




An interesting take on the Japanese Kaiju Genre. From the Writer/Director of ‘Time Crimes’, which happens to be one of my favorite Time Travel Flicks. Anne Hathaway plays an unemployed writer who somehow inadvertently causes a giant monster to attack Seoul, South Korea. It’s a nifty little Dark Comedy that is quite unique.



Documentary Double Feature: City of Ghosts & Kedi


City of Ghosts – The city a Raqqa, Siria is now controlled by ISIS. If you don’t comply with them, you die. It is a devastating Documentary about the people who founded the citizen journalist group, ‘Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently‘. This is a sad but powerful Film, and after watching ‘City of Ghosts’, you will need to watch something more uplifting. And what’s more uplifting than ‘Kedi’, a Documentary about the stray cat population in Istanbul, Turkey. Being a cat lover, this film was a joy to watch. Just look at all of the little free spirited kitties running around town, from Human to Human.


City of Ghosts



The Florida Project

Sean Baker’s last Film was shot entirely on an iPhone 5s and was about a day in the life of a Transgender prostitute in Hollywood, California and utilized the talents of two Transgender Actresses with no major acting credits. Again Sean chooses to use Many Non and First-Time Actors. Brooklynn Prince as Moonee is believable and full of life, as well as Bria Vinaite who plays Halley her Mother. The Film captures the spirit of childhood living out of a Motel in Florida, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the ‘Magic Kingdom’, that is Disney World.



Get Out

A Satirical Social Horror Comedy that is a Hoot and a Creepy Good Time to Boot. I occasionally like to rhyme when I write.



A Ghost Story

This Film is So Fuckin’ Great. A Cinematic Meditation on Life, Love, Longing, Loss and the Passage of Time, all wrapped up and conveyed through an old school Ghost Sheet Costume, long languid takes, and mesmerizing Score. An independent ‘Art Film, that will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is the type of Slow Cinema that works for me. My Favorite Film of 2017.



Good Time

A frenetic night in the life of a small time crook trying to get his developmentally disabled brother out of jail before someone harms him. Robert Pattison is fuckin’ great in this, and the score by Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, is worth the price of admission.



I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

The First Feature Flick Written and Directed by Actor/Screenwriter Macon Blair wh starred in my Fav Flick of 2014, ‘Blue Ruin’. A Dark Comedic Vengeance Fueled Flick about a Woman who is mad as hell and she ain’t going to take it anymore.



The Killing of a Sacred Deer

I Really Liked Yorgos Lanthimos, ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’, but let’s be honest, most of you probably will not. Revenge is sometimes served with a touch of the Absurd.



Lady Bird

“Lady Bird’ is a really fun quirky Coming of Age Comedy. Laurie Metcalf is wonderful as the Mother. And the shots around Sacramento are cool to see, since I lived there for part of my teen years. Nothing really new here, but done well and was a highly enjoyable watch for me.


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