13 + 13: My 26 Favorite Flicks of 2015

This is it! Here It is! The First and Possibly Only Post of the Year! Well to be honest, I believe I posted twice last year so… You Know You Wanted It! You Kept Bugging Me To Finish It! Dick Hollywood’s Fav 26 Fav Flicks of 2015 in Alphabetical Order. I would say to watch them all, but I am a Glutton for Punishment ; ) Check some of them out, but do your own Due Diligence and don’t come complaining to me that this or that Movie Sucked or was Too Violent or too Fucked Up! Just Get Out There to the Theaters and Watch More Movies Damn It! All Types of Movies. Now let’s get to it already…

The Big Short – The minutiae of the Housing Crisis might confuse and scare some people away, but the satire is mordaciously funny as hell. Let the biting and scathing satire ensue…

Carol – From the Cinematography to the Score and subtle nuanced performances by the two leads, this film is just simply beautiful to experience to enjoy.

Clouds of Sils Maria – ‘A film star comes face-to-face with an uncomfortable reflection of herself while starring in a revival of the play that launched her career.’ – IMDB

That about sums it up. All I can say, is that, if you are a fan of Acting and Actors represented in films, then just see and experience this Flick. Juliette Binoche and Kristin Stewart are both equally wonderful to watch.

The Duke of Burgundy – ‘Day after day, Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen) and Evelyn (Chiara D’Anna) act out a simple yet provocative ritual that ends with Evelyn’s punishment and pleasure.’ – Rotten Tomatoes

This beautifully shot flick pays loving homage to 70’s European Erotic Cinema with Super Surreal Gusto and Loving Pastiche. This quirky Dominate/Submissive relationship is alternately absurdly funny and melancholic, as we begin to discover who’s really in charge…

Ex Machina – A Creepy, thought provoking and very witty Flick, from the Guy who wrote 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Dredd and the Novel, ‘The Beach’. Need I Really Say More…

Goodnight Mommy – Creepy Kids, Creepy Mommy, Creepy Good ‘n’ Gooey Flick…

Inside Out – Pete Doctor has now officially become my Fav Pixar Writer/Director. Up is my Personal Favorite Pixar Flick and Inside Out is in my Top 5 or 6… A heartbreaking joyful exploration of growing up. Just fuckin’ see it, why don’t cha!

It Follows – This film has the Best Score that I have heard in a long, long time. The music, an homage to ‘John Carpenter-like Synth Scores, takes on a role, in and of itself, and creates much of the tension and dread throughout the flick. This along with Maika Monroe’s solid Damsel in the Distress Lead Performance makes, ‘It Follows’ my Fav Horror Flick of the year, and one of the Best in the Past 15 Years. It is one fun and truly inventive Fright-Fest, and well worth checking out.


The Look of Silence – The follow up to 2014’s Amazing, Documentary, ‘The Act of Killing’, is just as astonishing and painfully sad. Here is the Synopsis from the Film’s Site:

‘Through Oppenheimer’s footage of perpetrators of the 1965 Indonesian genocide, a family of survivors discovers how their son was murdered, as well as the identities of the killers. The documentary focuses on the youngest son, an optometrist named Adi, who decides to break the suffocating spell of submission and terror by doing something unimaginable in a society where the murderers remain in power: he confronts the men who killed his brother and, while testing their eyesight, asks them to accept responsibility for their actions. This unprecedented film initiates and bears witness to the collapse of fifty years of silence’

Anybody who is interested in Documentary Films, should seek out and  watch both of these movies stat!

Mad Max: Fury Road – It’s a New Fuckin’ Mad Max Flick! Need I Really Say More??? Hands Down, the Best Action Film of the Year! This is one Crazy Fuckin’ Flick that Deserves Repeat upon Repeat Viewings. Tied with ’71 as my Favorite Flick of 2015.

Double Feature: Mistress America and While We’re Young – It is always a good year for Dick Hollywood when 1 Noah Baumbach Film comes out, but it is a Great Year, when not 1 but 2 Baumbach Flicks find their way into a theater. ‘Mistress’, is an Ode to Screwball Comedies, and ‘While We’re Young’ is more of a typical Baumbach Neurotic Observational Comedy/Drama. I refuse to use the stupid  fuckin’ term, ‘Dramedy’…
A Perfect Double Feature.

Ned Rifle – Fans of Hal Hartley had to wait 9 years for a new Hal Hartley Flick, and it was damn well worth it. A follow up to ‘Henry Fool’ and ‘Fay Grim’. ‘Ned Rifle’, acting as third Film in a Trilogy of sorts, sees Ned, the son of Henry and Fay, on a mission to kill his Father for ruining his Mother’s life. Glad to see that Hal is still plugging away and making great Quirky Indie Comedies. Will not disappoint Fans of the Filmmaker, and Aubrey Plaza is a perfect fit, when it comes to delivering Hartley’s stylized dialogue.

The Revenant – ‘The Revenant’ is One Hell of a Badass Revenge Flick! Nuff Said…

Room – ‘Held captive for nearly a decade in a tiny shed converted into a living space, a single mother (Brie Larson) and her five-year-old son (Jacob Tremblay) break away from their captor after a daring escape. The mother and son are thrown back into society after years of isolation and struggle to adjust to life outside the room. Lenny Abrahamson directs this deeply emotional drama based on the novel by Emma Donoghue.’ – AllMovie.com

Yes, Brie Larson is really good in this Film, but it is Jacob Tremblay that blew me away. His solemn and subtle performance was honest and believable, and really made the film work for me.


’71 – An Extremely Tension-Filled “Caught Behind Enemy Lines” Flick, with an ‘After Hours’ meets ‘Escape From New York’ feel… This Soldier is having One Hell Of A Night! Tied with Mad Max: Fury Road as my Fav Flick of 2015.

Sicario – This is one Intense Mutha Fuckin’ Flick. After watching the last 4 Films from Denis Villeneuve, including Sicario, he is fast becoming one of my Favorite Directors. Currently trying to locate his earlier Flicks to view as well. I recommend clicking on his name and seeking out his films NOW! The Documentary ‘Cartel Land’ would make a great Double Feature with ‘Sicario’.

Spolight – Just a really-really good Ensemble piece of acting with a very strong and compelling story. Well worth a look-see ; )

The Tribe – The Film is in Ukranian Sign Language with no Subtitles, Voice Over and no musical Score. Film deals with a Deaf Boarding School Crime Syndicate and is a pretty intense and unnerving film. Falling into a Film style called ‘Slow Cinema’ along with some brutal scenes of violence, this Flick ain’t for everybody. But, believe me, it is quite the Cinematic Experience.

Victoria – One Continuous Take… No Really, Shot in One Continuous and Unedited Long Take! It’s very compelling and shot in real-time for about 2 hours and 15 minutes. We follow Victoria, a Spanish Gal living in Berlin, she meets some guys at a Club and decides to join them for a night of talking, partying and a bank robbery.



Western Flick Triple Feature: Bone Tomahawk – Hateful 8 – Slow West

Bone Tomahawk – Well you see there is this small western town, and in the middle of the night several of the residents go missing, thought to be kidnapped by so-called ‘Savages’. Well this ain’t the ‘Savages’ they thought they were looking for… Four men set out on a rescue mission, not realizing what they are actually up against. It’s a Slow Burn Western/Horror Flick. Two Thirds Western and the last third Extreme Horror. Definitely Not For Everyone, but a really good Flick none-the-less.

Hateful 8: Eight people that you will love to hate. It’s extremely talky, there is lots of blood, bad language, dark humor and an incredible performance from Jennifer Jason Leigh. What more do you Fuckin’ Want?

Slow West – A Slow Burn Western with Absurdist moments, but extremely solemn and tragic. What a great First Feature form Writer/Director John Maclean.

What We Do In Shadows – The Best, Funniest and Bloodiest Vampire Documentary of 2015!!! Favorite Comedy of the Year for me ; )

This is one Smart, Silly, and Super Duper Fun Movie.

White God – It’s A Coming of Age Film meets Killer Animal/Revenge Flick. What??? Girl has Dog. Dog is abandoned by Girl’s Father and left in the middle of the street. Dog is found, treated badly and forced into Dog Fighting. Dog gets loose and is thrown into a Dog Pound. Dog frees all of the other dogs from the Pound. A Revengeful Dog Uprising Ensues… No CGI Dogs were used in the making of the film. Only Real Dogs. Lots and Lots of Real Dogs!

The Wolfpack – Crystal Moselle’s documentary The Wolfpack tells the story of the Angulo brothers, siblings who spent their childhood hardly and one year never leaving their Lower East Side apartment. Their limited connection to the outside world came in the form of movies, and they would entertain themselves by reenacting what they saw on the screen. Eventually, one of them frees himself, and that event triggers profound changes in all of them. – Synopsis by Perry Seibert – AllMovie.com

They only ventured out about 9 to 10 times a year or less, and only with their whole family. Instructed by their Father, not to interact with outsiders. In 2001, the year of the 9/11 terror attack, they did not leave their Apartment at all. Their story is so bizarre, sad and interesting. Should not be missed by Fans of Documentary Films. A Fascinating Doc!


Some Other Flicks Well Worth A Look…

Beasts of No Nation
Cartel Land
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Love & Mercy
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Toyoko Tribe

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