Dick Hollywood’s 26 Favorite Flicks of 2016: Part One

‘Green Room’

Here is the List you have all been waiting for, Dick Hollywood’s 26 Favorite Flicks of 2016. As always it is in Alphabetical Order and is broken down into two parts, with Part Deux being posted later this weekend. If you actually do read this and watch any of them, let me know whether ya liked them or not. So get to it Dagnabit. So Says Dick Hollywood!

American Honey

Epic slice of life road flick, with a bunch of young adults trying to make some money, party and come into their own.


The more I ponder ‘Arrival’, the more I love it. An extremely smart and emotional First Contact with Aliens Flick.


A moving collage of images collected from Documentary Cinematographer Kirsten Johnson past Films, which acts as her living memoir. A uniquely poetic and original Non-Fiction Film.

Captain America: Civil War

The Russo Brothers have done it again with Captain America. They took the Winter Soldier above and beyond the Super Hero Genre to new heights and with ‘Civil War’ they have hit it out of the Ball Park again. Fuckin’ great fight scenes along with fun supporting Heroes such as Ant-Man and Spider-Man, and then they go and introduce the Badasss Black Panther. A Comic Book Nerd-Lite’s Dream Flick. Best Action Flick of 2016.

De Palma

A look back of all of Brian De Palma’s Films, by the Big Man Himself. Any fan of Film and/or Brian De Palma should not miss this excellent Documentary.


Controversial provocateur, Director, Paul Verhoeven, is back with his first film in 10 years and it is a doozy. This is one hell of a Darkly Comedic Drama/Thriller, with one of Isabelle Huppert’s finest performances to date.

Embrace of the Serpent

My obligatory Black & White Flick on the list. Loves me some Black & White “A shaman who’s the sole survivor of his tribe takes two explorers on different quests, 40 years apart, in search of a sacred healing plant in the Colombian Amazon.” – AllMovie.com

Green Room

Jeremy Saulnier’s third Feature will jackboot your teeth straight through the back of head! Coming off of his fantastic Slow Burn Revenge Flick, ‘Blue Ruin’, he places us in a claustrophobic setting filled with Neo-Nazi Skins, Vicious Attack Dogs and a Punk Band caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is relentless, graphic and darkly funny, with a stand out performance from Imogen Poots, who is one apathetic Badass.

The Handmaiden

Park Chan Wook’s latest is a fun Cat and Mouse Con Game Flick. Check out the Movie Info on ‘Handmaiden’ Rotten Tomatoes page for a more concise description. Great Flick!

Pulpy Crime Flick Double Feature: Hell or High Water and In Order of Disappearance

‘Hell or High Water’ is a modern day Pulpy Western Heist Flick with a fun Supporting Performance from Jeff Bridges that pairs well with, ‘In Order of Disappearance’, a Pulpy Nordic Noir Revenge Black Comedy. And a very fun one at that. Do Not Be Afraid of Subtitles. I repeat, Do Not Be Afraid of Subtitles.

Hunt For the Wilderpeople

A quirky Coming of Age Buddy Comedy Flick from Writer/Director Taika Waititi. The man who also has given us other stand out Kiwi Comedies like, ‘Eagle vs Shark‘, ‘Boy‘, and my All-Time Favorite Vampire Documentary, ‘What We Do in the Shadows‘.


Natalie Portman exquisite performance will draw you into this character study of Jackie Kennedy and the immediate aftermath of JFK’s Assassination in Dallas, while contemplating on American Myth-making of History’s Heroes.

La La Land

This Love Letter to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams and the City of Angels is just such a joy to watch. Shot in CinemaScope it’s definitely a must see on the Silver Screen.




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