Dick’s Top 13 Favorite Flicks of 2014

Another year and another list. These are my thirteen Favorites from the many, many Flicks that I watched that were released in 2014. As usual, I have put them in Alpha order, but if you must really know, My Favorite Flick of the year is “Blue Ruin”. Now Check’em, the Fuck Out, Why Don’t Cha! So Sayeth The Great and Powerful Dick Hollywood…

BIRDMAN – Ego, Art, Criticism and Family all collide in the days leading up to the opening day of a play. A visual treat with exceptional acting all around, especially Micheal Keaton and Edward Norton.

BOYHOOD – There seems to be a lot of Naysayers coming out of the wood work dissing on Boyhood. All I have to say, is dissenters and naysayers can hold their tongues, because Boyhood felt very real and genuine to me. I truly loved this film.

BLUE RUIN – Revenge can be messy, bloody and down right, well, just fuckin’ messy… It has an early Coen Brother’s feel to it and is My Fav Flick of the Year!

CHEAP THRILLS – Fuckin’ A, Cheap Thrills! How far would you go to make some cash on a night of “Dares”? How Far Would You Go. Crazy Messed-Up Indie/Exploitation Dark Comedy with a performance from David Koechner, like you never seen him before.

COLD IN JULY – This is One Fun, Pulpy Crime Flick.

THE CONGRESS – Robin Wright, plays Robin Wright in this dark Dystopian Comdey/Drama. It contains a lot of trippy and interesting ideas which might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I found to be an Overlooked Gem of a Flick.

JOE – This Is Not A Joke, I Repeat, This Is Not A Joke, Nicolas Cage turns in one of his Best Performances in years, in  Director David Gordon Green’s latest Indie Southern Gothic Drama.

NIGHTCRAWLER – Jake Gyllenhaal’s creepy protagonist, Lou Bloom, drives this satirical thriller about the media and it’s viewers thirst for more and more bloody sensationalistic stories. Creepy Good Fun.

NORTE, THE END OF HISTORY – A loose Adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, set in a modern day Republic of the Philippines. This is one heavy and hauntingly beautiful flick. Oh, and did I mention that it runs just a little bit over 4 hours long.

ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE – I wish I could hangout with these two Vampires forever…

THE RAID 2 – This is one Badass Mutha Fuckin’ Flick! Hands down some of the Best and Most Brutal Fight Scenes you will ever see, until the next installment that is. For those of you who like Martial Arts Fighting, Guns, Machetes, More Fighting, Crazy Bad Guys, Yakuza, and More Fighting, then Check The Shit Out of This Flick Now!

SNOWPIERCER – First English speaking film from South Korea’s Bong Joon-ho and it’s a doozy. A Dystopian Society living on a Super Train that never stops circling the globe.I must say that this is one Hell of a Flick!

WE ARE THE BEST – Great Coming of Age Flick about three girls who decide to form a Punk band in Sweden during the 80’s. Super sweet and should not be missed.

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