11 Fav Horror Flicks of 2016

Here are Eleven Horror Flicks from 2016 that I enjoyed. As Per usual, they are in Alphabetical Order.Check Them Out, Why Don’t Ya!

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The ending was a little meh, but the rest of the Flick was weird, creepy and very enjoyable.

Don’t Breathe

Home Invasion Flick with a twist. Some youngins want to rob a blind man thinking he has a stash of money in his home. They just Fucked with the Wrong Blind Man. Simple, but effective and tense little Flick with a great turn from Character Actor Extraordinaire, Stephen Lang.

The Eyes of My Mother

I Like Black & White Flicks what can I say. Sometimes you have to watch Artsy-Fartsy Horror Films to make up for all of the bad ones you have seen over the years. At least that is what I do.


Second Home Invasion Flick on this list with a twist. No, not another blind man, this one utilizes a deaf woman all alone and terrorized in her home. The Home Invader just Fucked with the Wrong Deaf Woman. Super tense and a lot of fun.

Green Room

Jeremy Saulnier’s third Feature will jackboot your teeth straight through the back of head! Coming off of his fantastic Slow Burn Revenge Flick, ‘Blue Ruin’, he places us in a claustrophobic setting filled with Neo-Nazi Skins, Viscious Attack Dogs and a Punk Band caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is relentless, graphic and darkly funny, with a stand out performance from Imogen Poots.

The Invitation

Slow burn Horror Flick from Karyn Kusama about a man when confronted with a past tragedy starts to believe his Ex-Wife and new Boyfriend are up something sinister at a Dinner Party at his former home and place where the tragedy happened.

The Monster

I really liked this film. It may have just been the alcohol in me, but the overt symbolism clicked with me as this Horror/Drama unfolded. Not as scary as some Horror fans might want, but for me all Horror Flicks need not be frightening. I do believe it is worth checking out.

10 Cloverfield Lane

This is a fun Horror Flick with a Creepy turn from John Goodman.

Train to Busan – ‘Train to Busan’ is the Best Zombie on a Train Flick that I have ever seen. No really, it is a Flick extremely well done Zombie Flick that has come out of the mass glut of Zombie Flick-Mania. And believe me, I have seen a ton of Zombie Flicks.

The Wailing

Looking for a Creepy, Weird, Highly Atmospheric Supernatural Mystery Police Procedural with Comedic Elements that Korean Flicks are know for? Well look no further, because it can all be found in this Horror Fun-Filled Flick.

The Witch

It’s Got Creepy Kids, Creepy Twins, Creepy Atmoshere and a Toatally Fuckin’ Creepy-Ass Goat. What more do you Want???

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