Beyond the Black Rainbow: A Trip Not Really Worth Taking

Well it is trippy, I’ll give it that, but that’s about all that I really can give it. The time 1983. The place: The Arboria Institute and they want to make the people of the world happy through self medication. Doctor Barry Nyle interviews and studies the non-speaking almost catatonic patient Elena (Eva Allan), whom has spent her entire life at the institutionalized. She possesses some type of psychic telepathic powers a la “”Carrie”, that seem to be kept at bay by an other worldly diamond shaped energy source. Which seems extremely similar to some of the odd things found on the TV Show “Lost”. Nothing ever makes too much sense in this Flick, as story and any semblence of a plot are thrown out the window, in favor of mood and atmosphere. Not always a bad thing, but in this instance, it just seems forced and contrived.


Ultimatly the flick does not have enough truely interesting or new and innovative ideas, to pull off what it seems to be attempting to achieve. First time filmmaker, Panos Cosmatos, gets the some of the mood right, but most of the time, mood and mood alone, doth not make a for a well rounded and complete flick. Michael Rogers, who plays Dr. Barry Nyle, is suffiently creepy and is the best things that Beyond the Black Rainbow has going for it, but his performance is not enough carry the entire flick. While Eva Allen who plays Elena, seems to be only ever allowed to tear up and cry on cue and nothing more.

I will say that this one thing is true, Dick Hollywood does love him some very slow-moving/slow burn flicks, and Beyond the Black Rainbow sure in the hell does fall into that category. That being said, slow and intriguing can be great, but slow and boring does not! It’s a moody, trippy flick that has nothing really to say, and tries way too hard to pay homage to much better and much trippier flicks of the past.

Dick Hollywood Has Spoken!

Beyond the Black Rainbow opens in Los Angeles June 21, 2012 at the Cinefamily. The Directoe Panos Cosmotos will be in person Thurs 6/21 10:30pm, Fri 6/22 7:20pm and 9:45pm, and again Wed 6/23 7:30pm. The Wed 6/23 10:30pm Screening will have a live score by Wreckmeister Harmonies!

Rating: R for some bloody violence, disturbing images, a graphic sexual illustration, language and drug content

Running Time: 110 minutes

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