Dick Hollywood’s Top 13 Flicks of 2010

Why does everybody come up with a Top 10 list? Who was the first person to say that this is the magic number for lists? I have never been a fan of the number 10. I do not like the way it looks. It is too even! I am on the other hand a big fan of the number 13. I am not superstitious and it has brought me luck many times, especially at the Roulette Wheel on Friday the 13th. So you are going to get a top 13 best Flicks of 2010 from me, and they will be in alphabetical order because they are all worthy of a viewing if you have not had the pleasure of doing so already.

Dick Hollywood loves Flicks. Flicks of all kinds, all Genres, all types of budgets. Hell even a few of the films that were nominated for Oscars this year made it my list. So take a look and Check’em Out… So Says Dick Hollywood!

Animal Kingdom – A grim brooding Aussie Crime drama with tension that gets under your skin till you are squirming nervously in your seat waiting to see what the fuck will happen next.

Dogtooth – Uhhh Where do I begin. Father and Mother isolate their children form the big bag world. They have never been outside of there own high-walled yard. Escaping would be futile, because of the most deadly animal that roams out side, the dreaded domesticated cat! This Greek film has to be seen to believed. Very disturbing Dark Comedy that just may have you laughing even though you know you probably shouldn’t be.

Enter the Void – A Trippy Flick!  No literally a really Trippy Flick. Oscar a drug user and dealer in Tokyo is shot and killed early on in the film. What we witness the rest of the film through his eyes, alive and dead, taking us on a hallucinatory trip of life, death and birth. It is unlike anything you have seen before and it is really really trippy!

Frozen – Fun little Genre Flick for Adam Green, the man who put the fun back into “Slasher Flicks”, with Hatchet. Simple story- Three friends find themselves stuck and forgotten on  high up on a chair lift at a ski resort. Did I mention that it is deathly cold and they will most likely die if they can not figure a way to  get down. Think Open Water, but on a Chair Lift and with some very hungry wolves on the ground to boot!

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – A fun Swedish pulpy Crime Flick. This modern detective mystery is filled with rich characters, both good and evil. As the mystery unfolds, we discover  a dark underbelly of Sweden, a creepy world which most would not want to enter, unless you are a fan of Pulp Crime Fiction that is…

Greenberg – Ben Stiller plays Roger Greenberg, our neurotic, narcissistic misanthropic anti-hero brilliantly. As uncomfortable as he makes us feel, we alternately wish to like him and want him to change for the better. It is a slice-of-life flick that is funny and sad and very much like people we have encountered in the our own lives. I am a big Noah Baumbach fan and this is one of his best flicks to date!

Kick-Ass – Any Flick that Roger Ebert finds “Morally Reprehensible” will find its way onto my Best of  Lists! And yes Roger, “You did miss the point.” Kick Ass really kicks ass! This Flick is violent, funny, heartwarming (yes heartwarming) and has some of the best wire fight scenes by an 11 year old girl that you will most likely ever see. This R rated Flick ain’t for kids, so parents, “Keep them the Fuck Away!”

Machete – Well it has over-the-top action, over-the-top violence and over-the-top bad acting (on purpose). It is good ol’ trashy fun-filled Mexsploitation at its finest. So kick back on your couch, make yourself some popcorn and get ready for a raucous good time!

Mother – I really loved this quirky jem from Korean Director  Joon-ho-Bong. The story of a mother fighting for her mentally challenged son’s life when he is accused of murder in their small town. She plays detective trying to figure out who the real killer is who framed her son. A very somber film with touches of silliness that meshes well with serious plot.

Rare Exports – This Flick is now one of my favorite Xmas films. With the right mix of child-like wonderment and frighteningly funny fairy tale mythology, Rare Exports pulls it all off.  According to Finnish folklore,Santa Clause is not the Jolly old Soul we have come to know, but a rather nasty beast indeed. Part Horror Comedy and Part Childhood Christmas Tale in the same vein as “A Christmas Story”, Rare Exports works on many levels and everybody should Seek It Out!

The Square – Aussie Neo-Noir where everything goes from bad to worse and I mean from really bad to really worse! An affair + stolen money + arson + blackmail = well it equals, “You Are FUCKED!” Super fun Flick that will keep you on the edge of your and screaming things like, “Don’t be a dummy!”, “It’s not worth it!”, and “Get The HELL out of there!” See it now, why don’t cha…

127 Hours – The opening Tri-Screen Credits and music is enough to recommend this Flick. I was pumped up within the first 3 to 5 minutes even knowing what an excruciating experience this Flick might be. Phew… Glad I did watch this, because it is another great film from Danny Boyle and intense acting from James Franco. Yes he has to break his arm in 2 places. (Not Fun) Yes he has to cut his nerves, tendons, arteries and whatever else happens to be in there. (Really Not Fun) But the film is so much more than that. It is about the Human Spirit and the will to survive insurmountable odds. What a Great and Wonderful Ride!

Winter’s Bone – This quiet realistic Drama/Mystery set in the poverty stricken rural Ozarks is wonderful first film for Co-Writer/Director Debra Granik. A 17 year old girl, Ree (Jennifer Lawrence) , looks after her 2 younger siblings and Mother. Her Father is Meth Dealer and has skipped out on bail, for which he put the house up as collateral. She has to find her Father before the her home is taken away from her and her family. Tension-filled detective work on her part ensues as she quickly finds out nobody wants to talk to her and they are not too happy that she is snooping around.

Near Misses


Piranha 3D (In 2D)

Jackass 3D (In 2D)

Red Hill

Valhalla Rising

Films I have Not Seen Yet, but Have Heard Good Things About:

Carlos, Mesrine: Killer Instinct, A Prophet, The Way Back…

Just remember this is just My Opinion and only My Opinion, so don’t get mad at me you lil’ bastards if you check out a Flick that I like and you hate it. View At Your own Risk. So Says Dick Hollywood!


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    Only Ed gets mad! Ha! Yaay for Greenberg!

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