Flicks That Need To Be Seen: BRICK

This is a Flick that deserves to be seen by more people and judging by its Box Office it certainly was not. At least in the theaters that is. It’s an Hard-Boiled Neo Noir set in a modern High School setting. The ┬ákids all speak a Noir-ish Lingo and the plot is straight up Noir Mystery. It has a King Pin, a Femme Fatale, a Goon, and a Reluctant Detective played by Joseph Gordon- Levitt. The Flick was Directed by Rian Johnson who Directed last years “Looper”, a big budget Sci Fi Time Travel Flick which was super fun as well. Enough type… Just watch the Trailer and then the Flick because I Command Thee To Do So!

Oh, And it is on Netflix to boot…

Dick Hollywood Has Spoken

 photo Brick_zps9448ab9c.jpg

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