Flicks That Need To Be Seen: Dogtooth

Uhhh Where do I begin. Father and Mother isolate their children from the big bad ol’ world. They have never stepped outside of their own high-walled yard. Escaping would be futile, because the most deadly animal in the world roams around just outside, which is the dreaded domesticated cat! This Greek film has to be seen to believed. Very disturbing Dark Absurdist Comedy that just may have you laughing uncomfortably despite of yourself. Not for all tastes, but fans of quirky and unconventional flicks, should give it a go. Hell, it was nominated for an Academy Award after all and scored 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, so I am not the only one who thought it Needed To Be Seen!

Fair Warning Though: This Flicks Breaks A Hell of a Lot of Movie and Societal Taboos.

Check It Out At Your Own Risk!

So Says Dick Hollywood…

 photo 46a435d4-3b86-464c-b1e0-51ed18181b3c_zpsdb48fa9a.jpg

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