I Have Had It Up To Here with Roger Ebert!

roger ebert Thought I would chime in and give my opinion on the Ebert Tweet earlier in the week shortly after “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn’s death. I personally feel that it was a pretty insensitive comment to be making so shortly after Ryan and his passenger were killed. You can preach all you want about drinking and driving, but to make a not-so-clever play on words, “Friends don’t let Jackasses drink and drive.”, to your Twitter Followers seems pretty crass. He did go on to kind of apologize to Ryan’s Family and friends on his blog, but then added the comments, “I meant exactly what I wrote,” he wrote. “I was implying that someone who drinks and drives is a jackass. Just as I was when I was drinking.”.  Well he did apologize, but ended it by basically making the exact same type of comment that he originally Tweeted…  He had no reasonable right chiming in the way he did in the first place, especially on some stupid fucking Twitter feed. Wow great writing Roger, real Pulitzer Prize winning stuff. Cool play on words and very clever, real clever. Oh I get it, Ryan Dunn was a member of the Jackass Show and Movies and he was also a Jackass for driving drunk and and crashing to a fiery death. STFU Mr. Ebert and let the family and friends grieve you pompous ass.

Now this incident was just icing on the cake for my ever growing disdain for Roger Ebert’s writings and reviews. It all began when after I had seen the Australian Horror Flick “Wolf Creek”, I stumbled upon Roger’s review of the film. I had always kind of liked Roger Ebert, as I had grown up watching the PBS show, Siskel and Ebert: At the Movies, but had not really read to many of his reviews as of late. Now, I don’t mind if someone has a difference of opinion from me as to whether a Flick is good or not, but Roger’s review of the “Wolf Creek” went way overboard and made a judgment call as to the type of viewer that would want to see this Flick in the first place. He states, “The theaters are crowded right now with wonderful, thrilling, funny, warm-hearted, dramatic, artistic, inspiring, entertaining movies. If anyone you know says this is the one they want to see, my advice is: Don’t know that person no more.” So because myself and many other Horror fans want to see Wolf Creek make us a bad people? I want a review of the movie not a moralistic judgment on my character or anybody else that sees the movie. Roger seemed to feel uncomfortable while watching the film and that is exactly what the Director intended. Go here if  you want to read my review of Wolf Creek.

He then gives a movie a bad review to the film “Tru Loved ” after only viewing 8 minutes of it and then only lets the readers know this fact at the end of the review. Pretty arrogant of him to give a bad review of a film that he stopped watching after the first 8 minutes. Any other Film Critic would have been fired on the spot. But not Mr. Holier-Than-Thou-Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Critic Roger Ebert. Make you wonder how many other films he has reviewed without finishing the film while not letting his readers in on the so-called joke?

And then again with making incorrect moral assumptions on films like he did with his review of “Kick-Ass”,as he states, “Shall I have feelings, or should I pretend to be cool? Will I seem hopelessly square if I find ‘Kick-Ass’ morally reprehensible and will I appear to have missed the point?,” Why yes Roger you do seem a little square and you actually have missed the point. And then he says, “I know, I know. This is a satire. But a satire of what?”. Oh come now Roger, don’t play stupid, I am pretty sure you can figure out what the Flick is satirizing. This quote realy irks me, “I’m not too worried about 16-year-olds here. I’m thinking of 6-year-olds.” Well the film was Rated R for a reason Roger. Which means no one under 17 admitted with out an adult. It is not the responsibility of the Filmmakers to police and parent other peoples children. Do you really have to be reminded of the way the MPAA and the world around you works?

This Rant has gong on way too long and I have let Roger Ebert suck way too much of my energy from me. If you want to check out any of his Film Reviews that I mentioned, just Google “Roger Ebert + the Film Title”, because I am not going to give him any free backlinks.

And just remember, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Roger Ebert’s Lame So-Called Movie Reviews” – So Says Dick Hollywood!

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