Last Days Here

The Documentary “Last Days Here” focuses on Bobby Liebling, the Lead Singer (Frontman) of the virtually unknown 70’s Heavy Metal band Pentagram. Many people at the time considered them a kind of “street” Black Sabbath, but due to a self-destructive drug addiction, multiple band break-ups and record deals gone awry, the band fell into obscurity and Heavy Metal limbo. Years later, Bobby, now in his 50’s, completely ravaged by years of drug use and abuse, we find him living in the care of his Mother and Father, in a dirty and dingy basement of their home. Pentagram’s music is eventually discovered by Heavy Metal underground music collectors and with the help of huge fan-turned-manager, Sean “Pellet” Pelletier, Bobby tries to find away to overcome his dug addiction in order for him to record a new album and perform on stage again, in the hopes to claim some of the recognition that he believes that should have been more back in the day.

Full blown drug addiction is not a pretty sight, not a pretty sight indeed. Bobby has been using drugs for some 44 years. He has been addicted to heroin for 39 years and simultaneously addicted to crack for for the past 22 years as well. All he has ever known is sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It is extremely hard to watch him banter away on the couch, looking deathly gaunt with uncontrollable tics and twitches and exclaiming, ” I’m not supposed to be alive.” Believing that he has some type of parasitic infection, he obsessively picks at the skin on his arms and hands until they are raw and bleeding. It is truly a disturbing sight to witness and one has to wonder if his friend Pellet and Manager has any chance at all in helping to sober up so he can record another album and tour.

There are other factors, besides the drugs that lead the band down the path of near misses and not into Rock & Roll fame and fortune, and the film deals with early Pentagram stories as many of the Ex-Bandmates fill in the dirt and details. Last Days Here is a film that should appeal to more than just a Rock & Roll audience, and is filled with many ups and downs as Leibling struggles with kicking his 44 year old habit cold turkey. To give away anymore details would spoil the story, so I will say no more. It is an engrossing portrait of a man fighting for his life as he tries to find some kind of redemption through hope, love and recognition. Hard to watch sometimes, but definitely worth checking out.

Dick Hollywood Has Spoken!

“Last Days Here” opens 3/23 at the Cinefamily with an opening night party at 8:00pm. Pentagram frontman Bobby Leibling will introduce the film and there will be a Q&A with Bobby, Co-Director Don Argott and Producer Sheena M. Joyce afterwards. There will also be a Q&A on Saturday with Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce.

Click on the link below for more information regarding the film’s opening night and Q&As at Cinefamily.

Cinefamily “Last Days Here” Information


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