Stake Land: A Great Post-Apocalyptic-Vampire-Epidemic Flick!

Well I gotta say that “Stake Land” was not at all what I expected, but in a really good way. While I was thinking that it was going to be a balls out Post Apocalyptic Road Warrior with Vampires type flick, it actually turned out to more like “The Road” with Blood-Sucking, Zombie Animal-Like Vamps. This low budget gem actually took itself quite seriously. You see, there has been a world wide epidemic and people are turning into feral-like vampires. When a teenage boy’s entire family is slaughtered, a man who goes only by the name, Mister (Nick Damici), takes the boy, Martin (Connor Paolo, under his wing and trains him in the ways of vampire huntin’ and killin’!

The two of them head out on a road trip through the South trying to locate an area up north re-named Eden, where life is rumored to be much better. Encountering many physical road blocks along the way, through towns that have become locked down to most newcomers, and also trying to avoid a religious cult called The Brethren headed by it’s leader Jebedia Loven (Michael Cerveris from Fringe), who interpret the plague as the Lord’s work. The Brethren are just as evil and dangerous as the afflicted vampires. Along the way they are joined by a Nun (Top Gun’s Kelly McGillis), a pregnant woman (Danielle Harris) and a Soldier (Sean Nelson).

Damichi plays Mister like a grizzled Snake Pliskin, tough as nails but with a good heart. For whatever reason, he has taken upon himself to slay as many Vampires as he can while trying to get the survivors with him to a safer place to reside. The wasteland that our merry band of slayers go through is a strange and quite creepy land. This flick is a cut above most low-budget fare and better than most summer tent pole movies of late! The vampire genre may be over saturated but Damichi who co-wrote the script with Director Jim Mickle, have added just enough originality and inventiveness to make this flick stick out and shine above most Post Apocalyptic Vampire Epidemic Flicks!

Check it out on DVD August 2nd 2011! So Says Dick Hollywood…


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