The Ol’ Dick Hollywood Ain’t What He Used To Be


I am telling it like it is. My legs and knees almost gave out on me today walking around in the Comic Con’s Exhibitor Hall. Ruben and I got on the road around 6am this morning and arrived in San Diego in a couple of hours. Ruben was looking to buy a day pass, and was not having too much luck, when he decided that would make his own. We both got onto the floor sometime after 10am and began to peruse aisle after aisle of comics, books, toys and all things related to the Comic Industry. The floor was packed with people moving slowly and bumping one another with there bags. It is a crazy site to behold, especially if you have never been to a Comic Convention and this being the largest in the world. Geeks and Costumed Freaks abound.

We took a breather a few hours later at an open lunch table. We were both feeling the burn and sitting down was nice, but getting back up would be another thing. When we were finished eating, I got up and noticed that Ruben looked in pain. This was due to the fact that his back almost gave out on him. Too many old books in his backpack and many new ones in bag that he was carrying. I took some of the weight off of him, and he seemed to be doing better.

Back to the trenches for us two senior citizens. Ruben only had today and was buying up bargains from multiple Independent Publishers to big time booksellers. No Batman Action Figures this time for him, only books and comic books. I, on the other, new that I would have a few more days to decide if I wanted anything at all, so I just followed along and looked around knowing that I could come back and grab stuff later.

So all in all, pretty uneventful, but fun nonetheless. Just have to realize that Comic Conventions are a young persons game even if Dick Hollywood is young at heart…

-See Ya Tomorrow, So Says Dick Hollywood!

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