Two New “Cabin Fever” Flicks: WTF!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for unnecessary Horror sequels being made, when along comes The Indomina Group, optioning the rights to the “Cabin Fever” franchise and planning on producing and distributing at least two more feature films. I mean come on already, Eli Roth’s “Cabin Fever” was a nice stand alone first Flick that oozed ickyness that was sick and pretty fuckin’ funny. Then came the botched sequel Directed and disowned by Ti West, a Horror Comedy that manages not to be funny at all. So why would anybody want to make more “Cabin Fever” Flicks, when they could just option unique, new and refreshing Horror scripts. Is there really enough silly Horror Movie fans of the first two that want to see more unoriginal crap? I don’t get it, I really do not get it!

CEO and Executive Producer, Singh Mann, of both upcoming flicks does not agree with me stating, ““We see tremendous potential with the ‘Cabin Fever’ franchise.” We are committing to two new ‘Cabin Fever’ films because there is a real demand from a devout fanbase – not just ‘Cabin Fever’ die hards but a large and vocal group of horror fans around the world. Indomina is excited to take the reigns of the franchise and deliver on these next two films.” Both flicks will be shot back to back in the Dominican Republic in early Spring of 2012.

Blah Blah Blah and more Blah!

Listen to Ol’ Dick Hollywood and “Just Say No!” to boring, unoriginal, unimaginative and unnecessary Horror Sequels and so-called Franchises!

Dick Hollywood Has Spoken!


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