Yes! More of Dick’s Favorite Flicks of 2012: It’s the List that Keeps on Growing…

Flicks that did not make the favorite 13 cut, but are still worth a look! Why the hell not? In Alpha order again…


Doc on Ai WeiWei, the Chinese Dissident Artist and Activest who genuinly seems to be trying to make a difference within China’s Repressive Government. All I can say is Wow!


It might be an uncomfortable experience to sit through, but it is well worth the experience none-the-less. With an excellent Oscar worthy performance from Anne Dowd, Dick Says Check It Out Why Don’t Cha!

Damsels in Distress

I am glad somebody finally gave Whit Stillman some money to make a new Flick. 12 years is way too damn long to wait in between movies. It is so much fun just listening to Whit’s, Whiticisms. I could listen to them Flick after Flick after Flick…

The Deep Blue Sea

Gorgeous to look at and a wonderful performance by Rachel Weisz. I liked it a lot, despite the fact that it is a Remake. And we all know that Dick Hollywood does not like Remakes.

The Grey

An invigorating survival tale of men and I do mean men, stranded after a plane crash in a cold harsh Alaskan winter. And then of course there are the Man-Eating Wolves to contend with also…

Kill List

Gritty, Atmospheric English Crime Drama/Horror Flick. I liked this Flick a hell of a lot, but the all too hasty twist ending made me put it just shy of my 13 favorite flicks list.

Robot and Frank

Nice Sci-Fi Dramedy with a fantastic performance by Frank Langella about an aging Cat Burglar with some dementia, so his son buys him a robot to help around the house and keep him company. An extremely poignant flick on family and aging.

Rust and Bone

A little over dramatic, but still an excellent performance from Marion Cotillard as a Killer Whale trainer who loses her legs in an training accident. Oh and there is a bonding friendship/love story included for your viewing pleasure.

Seven Psychopaths

Super smart and fun sophomore effort from In Bruges Writer/Director Martin McDonagh with another fuckin’ great performance from the mostly underappreciated talent of Sam Rockwell. And believe me, it ain’t what you think it’s about…

Sound of Noise

It’s a gleefully absurdist flick with genuine warmth and frivolity. It is one hell of a fresh, unique and funny movie that I highly recommend to anyone who loves good Cinema.

The Yellow Sea

This movie is crazy! I would have put it on my Top 13 Flicks of 2011, but I saw it in 2012. Knives, Hatchets and Fists Oh My! It is one Messed-Up Mutha Fuckin’ Flick and Dick Hollywood wholeheartedly approves.

Your Sister’s Sister

Another fine quirky Rom Com. The three leads are all good and make for a very enjoyable little flick. Funny that both Rom Com’s that I liked this year starred Mark Duplass. Hmmmmmmm… Coincidence? I Think Not!

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