Centurion: Another Misstep for Marshall

Well I must say that Centurion, Neil Marshall’s latest Flick, is better than his last one Doomsday, but not by much. Beginning his very promising career with a wonderful fresh take on the Werewolf Genre, “Dog Soldiers” and then his fantastic claustrophobic fright-fest the Descent, I really was looking forward to watching his next cinematic endeavors. But alas Doomsday, his third flick was a muddled, messy homage to all things Road Warrior-ish and post apocalyptic madness. Hoping he would settle down and redeem himself with his next attempt, which ended up being, well just kind of meh… I am sorry to say.

Centurion is bloody, violent and fun in many of it’s scenes, but the flick really did not work for me all that much. It has a great cast including Micheal Fassbender, Dominick West and Olga Kurylenko, but the bulk of the movie is one big long overdone chase, much like the film Apocalypto, but did not work as well. I mean seriously, I really do not remember all that much about what the hell was going on. Pretty forgettable . The Romans are tyring to conquer the world including Britain, but a fierce sect of guerrilla warriors know as Pict’s will not have it! They storm a a fort and capture Michael Fassbender. He narrowly escapes and runs into a troop of Roman Soldiers on orders to kill the Pict leader and then they are ambushed and slaughtered. All are killed but a handful of men who are then tracked and hunted down by the Pict’s after they kill the Pict leaders son while trying to rescue their captured General (Dominick West).  Blather Chatter Blather Chatter

The Flick works really well during the fighting scenes, with some of the goriest and fun battle scenes I have yet to watch, but a gory fun battle scene doth not make a great movie. Though they can make a slightly enjoyable flick. They are just there as time filler for an empty story and some very awkward manly man dialogue. It is fun to a point, but never really felt like a whole film. Just scene after scene of fleeing and fighting and bleeding and hiding. Hell, I like this Marshall guy and I am hoping that he will return to form and get back on track, like he showed us what he is capable of with his first two flicks. Centurion just didn’t do it for me.

So Says Dick Hollywood!

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