Piranha 3D


3D SchmeeD! 3Diculous! 3D Sucks! As you may all know Dick Hollywood is not a big fan of this latest 3D Fad, but for some reason the idea of killer piranhas chomping on college Spring Break girls and boys kind of appealed to me. And then I found out that it actually was not shot in 3D but would be transferred to 3D after the fact. Director Alexandre Aja¬†shot the flick with the intention that it would be transferred when all was said and done, but really, so what! So, I made my decision to see it without the funny glasses in 2D, when a friend of mine talked me into seeing it in this so-called “Real 3D”. Big mistake… Really big mistake.

The 3D in this Flick sucked. No really, I mean it truly did suck! The perspective under water was all messed up and hard to watch, while everything else looked like a View Master photo reel. A few things kind of came towards me. At least I think they did. Body parts did float around and on occasion looked semi-cool, but not cool enough for me to jump on this silly 3D bandwagon kick and make me change my mind about it.

The Flick on the other hand…

Well let me tell you. This Flick was cheesy, bloody, boobilicious, silly and a campy slapsick good time. With a wonderful over the top performance by Jerry O’connel (The Chubby Kid from Stand By Me) to boot. Aja pays so much loving homage to the genre, you would think that maybe just maybe he was actually making B Movies in the 70’s. Listen, if you go into this film thinking that you are going to be scared, then you really have no idea what this flick is trying to achieve, (please ¬†refer to all my adjectives above) and achieve it, it does with flying colors. It is extremely fun and gorific. There is so much blood spilled into the lake it starts to resemble the Red Sea. In the immortal words of AC/DC, “If You Want Blood, We Got it” Blood, blood and mucho mas blood. These piranahs are fast and furious, feeding off of the college students debauchery with gleeful enthusiasm.

Dick Hollywood says go get your chomp on and check out Piranha 3D without the 3D ASAP!

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